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About Sharax Kish Company

Sharax Group is proud to be one of the world’s leading construction and tourism industry and continues to strive to provide quality and value-added services for people and travelers. At Sharax Holdings, we use designs and projects that can provide quality and innovative services according to the needs of people and using new and advanced technologies.

Our aim at the Sharax Group is to provide quality and value added services for Iranian people and foreign travelers. As one of the top companies in the construction and tourism industry, we pride ourselves on providing quality and innovative services and improving the quality of life of people.

Organizational Goals of Sharax Kish Company

Increasing the level of satisfaction of current investors, stakeholders and partners.

Timely delivery of the committed tasks using new methods of financial management and project control.

Construction and implementation of construction projects facilities based on basic plans.

Pictures of Sharax Kish Company Projects

Mission and Vision of Sharax Kish Company

 Creating jobs for young people and passing on experiences to the next generation.

Active participation and participation in the company’s development projects in its specialized fields.

Transfer and use the latest technology in the field of specialized activities of the company.

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Kish Office Address :

Mercury Hotel, Attar Neyshaburi Square, Khaghani St.

Tehran Office Address:

Head Office: Unit 2, 8th floor, Ravanpour St., Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran

Sales Office: No. 10, 64th St., Yousef Abad, Tehran, Iran