Kish Mercury 5 Star Hotel Project

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Mercury Hotel with building license number 3193/85 based on contract No. 253143/16 dated 2019/07/20 with Sharax Kish Company registered with registration number 10415 (private equity) is being built in partnership based on a civil contract with the investor and landowner and currently with about 75% physical progress for the next 18 months.

Kish Mercury Hotel is located in one of the most prosperous parts of Kish Island, and its land is an island with streets around it that have access from three sides.

General Features

The hotel has 140 rooms, 8 of which are designed in such a way that they do not have a similar example in Kish Island, and along with its tropical garden is one of the most important and unique features of this hotel.

It is worth noting that the interior design of this hotel has been designed by Professor Peyman Kiani one of the well-liked Iranian architects with the brand of Innovation and Structural Design Consulting Engineers, which has won 5 international awards. INCLUDING THE WINNER OF THE ASIA DESIGN PRIZE WITH A JURY FROM THE US, JAPAN AND KOREA IN 2021

The tropical garden of the five-star Mercury Hotel is based on the geometric shapes of corals and amazing fish, which are among the first elements to be seen on the shores of Kish Island. The goal is to instill a sense of sea tranquility in the hotel space. Night garden lighting reminds the audience of walking on the beach with views of bioluminescence coastal creatures on the Persian Gulf coastline. Lighting at different angles gives a unique contrast to the hotel’s entrance space. This hotel is one of the most important buildings in Kish Island. The entrance area of the hotel and garden is not only bioformatic, creative, contemporary and modern, but also provides an emotional connection with the audience.

14 Floors

Area more than 10,000 square meters

More than 95% of physical progress

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Facilities and Services

Kish Mercury Hotel is located on an area of 10267 square meters, which is built on 14 floors in an area of more than 17,000 square meters.

The building has a steel structure, a concrete slab roof and has been built in different floors in different sizes to give a special effect to the hotel from the outside.

On the first floor, half floor and ground floor, there are double rooms and suites in separate courtyards (8 floors) on each floor, with a total of 140 rooms at the Mercury Hotel.

3 Ground floors 2 negative basement floors, 2936 m negative basement, ground floor 2985 m2, first half floor 2059 m, first floor 1257. 1174 m2, third floor 1090 m2, 4th floor 1007 m2. There are 5 floors of 861 square meters, 631 square meters, 7th floor 554 m2, 8th floor 467 m2, 9th floor 394 m2, 10th floor 343 m2, as well as 14 parking spaces for employees in the basement.

It has 4 restaurants and cafés on the ground floor and half floor with an area of 819 square meters and 2 coffee shops, commercial office, amphitheater, laundry, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gallery, café is located on the second floor. Half-floor floors.

Introduction of structural parts

  • 4 Restaurants and cafes
  • 140 Rooms and Royal Suite
  • 4 Restaurant and Breakfast Rooms
  • 4 Cafe
  • Turkish bath and massage parlor
  • Amphitheater
  • Landry
  • GYM Hall
  • Swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Tennis courts
  • Commercial and Gallery Units
  • Internet Cafe
  • Tropical Garden


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